Cabral Libii; the Emmanuel Macron of Cameroon?

Here is the biography of one of the youngest candidates running for the race to Etoudi Cabral Libii Li Ngué aka Cabral Libii , (born March 29, 1980 in Cameroon), is a journalist , teacher and law professor and a public figure. Professor of Law at the University of Yaoundé II, Cabral Libii stands out for his renown analogies on several media platforms. In addition to being director of Radio Campus, he has also hosted several television shows, including Vox Live on VoxAfrica.

Political Career

In 2011, Cabral Libii and Richard Ma Mbeb Makon signed a manifesto with eighty young Bassa-Mpo’o- Bati against the political elite of the Bassa people . They regret then « the decline, the refusal, the lack of will, and/or the incapacity of [their] elites (ministers, deputies, general managers, ambassadors, …) to be able to gather their intelligences in a dynamic of solidarity, capable of exercising a judiciary of influence, necessary for the defence and the taking into account of the concerns and local interests on the national scale. » In 2015, in the newspaper ‘Le Monde’, Cabral Libii blames Cameroon’s catastrophic situation on President Paul Biya. « We are witnessing the excesses of a group of old people who have taken the country hostage, » he said. He added that this situation is « the consequence of usury and a presidency that has never had a course. » In 2017, at the age of 37, this Cameroonian activist, who enjoys a high popularity on social media, announced his intentions to run for the 2018 presidential elections. In a statement, he launched the campaign « 11 million registered » by saying:  » Thousands of my compatriots have called me to preside over their destinies. This authentic « call of the people » honours me. I feel on my shoulders the heaviness of the responsibility of an elected man of hearts and reason. Thank you in all humility. The electoral triumph of new ideas on which we will grant ourselves when the time comes, and of new men at the coming deadlines, imposes upon us now, a deep commitment. The goal on 1 January 2018 is to have an electoral body of at least 11 million registered voters. Let’s get to work.  »

Awards • 2017: Winner of the « Best Booster of Cameroonian Democracy » Award of Excellence 8

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