Mimi Mefo info : changing the narrative

The quality of news nowadays has always been debatable. At a time when just anyone can sit at their comfort and create news, feed or intoxicate the ever-needy masses, many have wondered why professionals stay mute, and watch the dissemination of information be reduced to stacks of fake news.

Low-brow tabloids are infamous for spinning nonsense headlines and bending the truth to fit their agenda. It’s impossible to know who to trust anymore. Ultimately, with so many news sites and Twitter, the ability to find out what’s going on in the world has become instantaneous. Instead of having the time to analyse what we read and forming an opinion based on different types of journalism. We see a tweet, take the update as legit and move on. But surely, if the news we receive is manufactured for speed then those who produce it cannot guarantee its authenticity. So, what if what we’re getting isn’t the whole truth or even worse, not the truth at all? As the online news arena grows it opens up opportunities for a wider diversity of ideas and messages to be communicated. Although it may be saturated, with the billions of sources producing content on an hourly basis, the important thing is choosing where to invest our time online and consciously vetting who we follow on Twitter and social media for that information.

Consequently, many keep shying away from believing just anything that comes from the internet. Afterall, it is the information age, where there’s bombardment of news from just every facet of contemporary times. Hence, the dire need for the presentation of information that would not only respect journalism norms, but would also meet the peace and development needs of the masses. That is where the Mimi Mefo Info comes in. A platform dedicated to changing the narrative of online news credibility. With a crack team equipped with human and material resources, this platform aims at redefining news in the Information Age. We go beyond borders to bring well investigated, accurate and balanced stories, presenting to the masses with an undertone for peace and development.

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