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Bloodbath in Kitiwum as campaigns kick off today

Locals in Belem, situated few kilometres from Kitiwum  in Kumbo are in grief after seven young men were shot dead purportedly by security forces.
The incident occurred this afternoon. « The military shot them under the pretext that they were Amba boys but they are civilians. I saw their corpses. I just wish to advise our people to avoid wearing black and red dresses.., » a source told Mimi Mefo info on grounds of anonymity.
The source continued that a man at Belem; where a Mbororo man was killed last week saw a group of labourers loading electric poles into a truck and called the army to inform them they were Amba boys.
Reason why the military shot them upon arrival.
Reports say a group of mourners going to a funeral in Kifem were also gunned down as they arrived the scene.
« The night might be long in Kumbo today, » our source reveals.
Fear has gripped the people of Kitiwum as they prepare to bury their deaths.
Locals have continued to escape from Kumbo as the town and neighbouring villages have been at the centre of skirmishes recently between Security forces and pro-independence fighters.
In the past six months, dozens of civilians and security forces have been killed as the Anglophone crisis deepens.

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