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Mancho Bibixy Mobilises for a one and Indivisible Cameroon?

Firebrand Anglophone journalist cum activist, Mancho Bibixy, is allegedly organising a series of events at the Yaoundé Kondengui Central Prison, to consolidate Cameroon’s one and Indivisibility.

In a letter leaked on social media, purported to have been written by him, the ex-pidgin news broadcaster of a radio station in Bamenda, called on the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, to lend his support on a peace initiative created by Anglophone and Francophone detainees at Kondengui Prison, to strengthen the Living Together slogan.

One of such initiatives according to Mancho Bibixy, will be the organisation of a football encounter pitting Anglophone versus Francophone detainees.

Though the letter’s authenticity cannot be independently verified by Mimi Mefo Info, it is however carrying signatures said to be that of Mancho Bibixy and Ngalim Felix, another Kondengui detainee.

It should be recalled that Mancho Bibixy alongside some Anglophone detainees at the Kondengui prison, were sentenced to 15 years each in prison with bogus fines. The decision passed on at the Yaoundé military court last May 2018, showed Mancho, Conrad Chi, and Penn Terence, with signs of bravery and having not given up during their trials.

It is unclear how come Mancho will suddenly succumb to the very believes he had kicked against even when on trial.

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