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« I’ll be campaigning in the Anglophone Regions » – Garga Haman Adji


The National President and flag bearer of the ADD party Garga Haman Adji will launch his campaign in the Littoral Region this Monday.

During his contact tour with voters in Yaounde this weekend Garga Haman Adji who has been silent since the start of pre-campaign phase declared that he will brave the odds and deliver his campaign message to the population of the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

« I will go to the Anglophone Regions. I have been there. I understand the problem of the Anglophone people and I will provide solutions to them ».
The Presidential hopeful maintained.
Garga Haman Adji it should be recalled was one of Biya’s emissaries to the Anglophone Regions when the crisis escalated late 2016.

He has constantly accused the regime of bad faith and outright refusal to address the ongoing impasse.
Many have however referred to him as ally of the regime in the guise of an opposition.

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