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Soldiers kill two in Buea today


Soldiers in Buea have shot dead two boys at Campaign Street Two, Great Soppo.

A witness narrates,  » I saw the military passed as I was carrying water down stairs and then they shot about four times. I thought they were shooting in the air then I heard people crying and went out and saw two corpses. They are just boys from the quarter ».

Relatives of the victims are in shock after today’s ghost town day morning shootings.
The incident happened around 9:00am. The two boys are said to be working at a carwash and where at their job site where they were gunned.

« The military asked them to identify themselves which they did. And then the soldiers told them to run away…Unfortunately, the same soldiers shot at the boys as they obeyed the instructions, » a local told Mimi Mefo infos.

« The victims are boys from the quarter…they were not armed, » another source said.

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