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Etoudi2018: ELECAM says registered electors without voter cards will vote on October 7

This strategy according ELECAM is meant to permit Cameroonians fulfill their civic responsibility, which could be hampered by the problems faced by the electoral process in Cameroon.

The key problem to tackle here is the absence of voters cards.

At the Douala 5 subdivisional ELECAM branch potential voters say they have not been able to collect their voters cards, several months after they completed the voters registration process.

They complain that they have made several stops at ELECAM branch offices and voter card distribution points to collect their voters cards to no avail.
With the election fast approaching, they are worried that they might not be able to vote.

As an alternative solution, ELECAM officials gave them stamped pieces of papers which would permit them to vote without voter’s card provided their names appear on the electoral list.

According to Emmanuel Kwa Dika, Littoral Regional Delegate of ELECAM, such problems are common in cases of double registration, transfer of voters from their initial place of residence and faulty technical conditions during registration and others.

He further stated that ELECAM respects the right of to vote and will always adopt strategies to enable registered voters perform their civic responsibility. If such largesse would be extended to non registered voters, is still uncertain.

ELECAM Littoral has just received a contingent of voters cards pending distribution. The institution according to Emmanuel Kwa Dika, is putting hands on deck to ensure a transparent and successful presidential came October 7.

After the meeting of regional delegates of at the directorate general of the institution in Yaoundé recently, ELECAM officials are busy transmitting resolutions to regional, Divisional and Subdivisional units for better implementation ahead of October 7.

ELECAM has had to deal with crisis but internal and external as well as criticism from Cameroonians of all works of life on some of its controversial moves lately.

By Nformi Armstrong Sandah

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