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Amba fighters Attack Mbengwi Gendarmerie, Police Posts

It’s a bright and fair day in Mbengwi but completely void of happiness. Inhabitants went to bed last night peacefully only for their quiet sleep to be perturbed early this Saturday morning with deafening gunshots.

It was about 10 minutes to 6am that the exchange started. At first one would’ve thought government troops were simply testing their newly acquired weapons. No, far from that. The gendarmerie and police posts neighbouring each other in Mile 18 was under attack.

It rained bullets for close to 30 minutes before the exchange died down. From the cover of the rooms, locals could hear some shouts across the road « Water Na Water ».

« It’s still not possible for now to say if there were casualties or not because no inhabitant has dared to step out of his house. The streets are completely deserted. Places are very quiet now. Mbengwi, Momo’s Divisional Headquarters had been enjoying relative peace not till of recent that the town its fate seems to be hanging on a balance » a source recounted.

Before now, many inhabitants had relocated from the town. Those who stayed back were certain nothing will happen. But with the recent attack, its now obvious many are already getting set now, waiting for the least opportunity to dance according to the trending tune of relocation.

By: Mbuh Stella

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