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Gunmen burn Benjamin Itoe’s Bombe Bakundu Residence

Unknown gunmen believed to be elements of the pro-independence Ambazonia fighters have burnt down the Bombe Bakundu residence of the Permanent Divisional Coordinator of the CPDM party in Meme Division.

Benjamin Mutanga Itoe’s residence situated just behind the grandstand at Bombe Bakundu, Mbonge Sub-Division in Meme Division went up in flames in the evening of Saturday September 29, 2018.

The incident comes barely two days after the former Minister alongside other CPDM diehard militants defied threats from Ambazonia fighters to successfully launch campaigns for the re-election of their party candidate, incumbent President Paul Biya in Kumba.

We gathered that the gunmen stormed his residence and vandalised the doors in order to get access into the building before setting it ablaze.

Sources close to Mutanga told Mimi Mefo Info that he has been lamenting and condemning the said act adding that it is the second time his home is set ablaze because of CPDM political issues after that of 1992 that was done by the SDF.
We gathered the said storey building is one of the highest investment of the former Minster who now doubles as a member of the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism.

To recall is the fact that Mutanga, who, is also Board Chairman of the CDC had long escaped the escalating violence caused by the ongoing Anglophone crisis in the Division.

He only resurfaced under heavy military convoy to launch CPDM campaigns and immediately vamoosed to Fako after the launching.

At the launching over the weekend, Mutanga urged militants of the CPDM to lure Ambazonia fighters to leave the bushes and embark on a dialogue with Meme CPDM elite.

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