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Military burns old mother in Muamu, shoots dead two in Buea, Ambazonia Scare, and gunshots on October 1st

Monday October 1, 2018 was relatively calm in Buea until Henry, a boy in his early 30s was shot in the chin by security forces.
Henry was driving a white vehicle when he was targeted.
He was rushed to the Buea regional hospital where he died at 3am this morning, a source at the hospital told Mimi Mefo info.

Henry was not mentally stable and is son of Mokako Bobo living in Soppo, Buea.

Still in Buea, military stormed Muamu village where they set houses on fire. An old woman who was in one of the houses died inside Mimi Mefo info has learned.

In Wokwei, an old man who was sitting in front of his door was purportedly shot dead Monday by security forces.

Buea, Kumba,Kumbo, Bafut, Bambui were rocked by gunshots Monday as Amba boys defiled administrative orders and stormed the street to observe October 1, independence day of Southern Cameroon from the United Kingdom.

Preceding October 1, administrative authorities imposed dusk-to-dawn curfew in the Northwest and Southwest regions.

According to the communique, denizens all of the two regions, were warned to remain indoors all day and night, on Sunday September 30, to Tuesday October 2. The communiques further indicated that the raison d’être for the imposed curfew, is to prevent offensive attacks from the Ambazonian fighters.

Security forces stationed themselves at every junction street, and hotspots, combat ready to react to any eventuality.
This scared away civilians who attempted to go to the streets. Denizens remained locked indoors for fear of the unknown.

Pockets of fighting were also reported in isolated locations in Buea. Reports have it that, gunmen indulge the military in an offensive attack in Sandpit, Bakweri Town, and Street II, Great Soppo. Sounds of heavy gunshots could be heard emanating from these areas.
In Bafut, Fundong, and Mbonge Ambazonian flags were raised.

Kumbo witnessed the fiercest confrontations between Security forces and pro-independence fighters.
The gunfight which lasted for hours forced frightened locals out of their homes.
« There is no way we can spend the night at home. We are all in bushes and in mountains…the military does not want to see any young man at home. They shoot and ask questions later… » a source told Mimi Mefo info last night from his hideout.


Amid ghost town, gunshots and tension, Brigadier General, Agha Robinson proceeded to install three soldiers to the ranks of Senior warrant officer, Warrant Officer and Sergeant.

It was a strictly military ceremony.

The Mayor of Buea was equally at the independent Square to supervise ongoing renovations at the grandstand which according to unofficial reports will receive the CPDM presidential candidate Paul Biya in the hours ahead.

It should be recalled that on Sunday October 1, 2017, several thousand people marched across the streets in the Northwest and Southwest Regions, to proclaim the restoration of the statehood of Ambazonia. Their moves to plant flags in Buea, came under severe attacks from the military, who used live bullets on the population reported to have been armed only with peace plants. Unknown figures of deaths were reported and several others injured from the military shootings.
The pro independence fighters say Buea is the capital of Ambazonia, and are doing everything they can to instill their state of rule. On the other hand, the government of Cameroon has invested a lot in arming Buea with state-of-the-art military equipment to paralyse any moves from Amba fighters.

It is October 2nd and streets are still deserted in anglophone Cameroon whereas the administrative-imposed curfew was due to expire early today.

Business premises are still closed, locals indoors for fear of the unknown.

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