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Paul Biya « visits »Buea in few hours -preparations hasten at Bongo Square

Paul Biya in Buea in few hours?

Incumbent Paul Biya, presidential candidate of the CPDM party will be in Buea in few hours Mimi Mefo info has learned.
Council officials are finalising renovation works at the grandstand of the Independence Square in Buea town.

On this exclusive picture below, the giant billboard bearing Biya’s picture and campaign slogan, << The force of Experience>> has already been mounted with chairs set.

A source told Mimi Mefo info on anonymity that private preparatory meetings were being held with the new CPDM fabrics distributed to party supporters.

« It is done in secret….Ministers have been here to ensure that everything is set though a date is not known »a insider hinted Mimi Mefo info.

Though the visit is yet to be made official, this will be the first time Paul Biya is visiting Buea since he declared war against what he described as terrorists wrecking havoc in the conflict hit North West and South West regions of Cameroon .

Thousands of lives have been lost, hundreds displaced and over 125 villages burnt down to ashes by security forces. The figures were revealed recently by the Centre for Human Right and democracy in Africa.

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