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Kah Walla Questions Credibility Of October 7 Polls -But Says All Should Vote Against Biya

Edith Kah Walla, President of the Cameroon People’s Party (CPP) has urged voters to use their numerical and political strength to eliminate the Biya regime.
Edith Kah Walla gave the party’s stance on the ongoing electoral process in Cameroon in a press briefing in Douala Thursday, October 4.

Presenting the four key objectives of Stand up for Cameroon, a movement under the CPP, Edith Kah Walla said the current regime which has taken Cameroon hostage for over 35 years must be uprooted.

She underscored the need for Cameroonians to engage a national reconciliation process to reinforce national unity and foster a sense of belonging…

This to her will see discussions on national dialogue and the form of the state.
« The CPP will therefore accept the holding of an election after a political transition » Kah Walla said.

Kah Walla holds that no genuine election can be organised when the entire process is under the control of the executive, when hundreds of thousands are displaced in and out of Cameroon and thousands of houses destroyed in Cameroon’s two English speaking regions.

She also raised security concerns in the Far North region which to her, cannot guarantee a hitch free election in Cameroon.

Kah Walla further praised the youths for clamouring for change through their recent engagement into politics.
« The political dynamism seen in youths show we are more than ever before ready and attaining the change objective… We encourage all Cameroonians to exercise their political duties without violence, hate speech, tribalism…we want to remind all Cameroonians that this country belongs to all of us… Our wealth lies in our diversity…, »Kah Walla declared.

The CPP has maintained they are not taking part in the election but called on youths to vote any of the candidates except Paul Biya.
« Any action you take should be that which will bring an end to Biya and his system of government…remain engaged and active to bring about change and political transition in Cameroon… We will not relent in that goal…
More than never before, there is need for national consensus, reconciliation and reconstruction and CPP is here to accomplish that mission, » Kah Walla concluded.

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