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Donga Mantung Without Electricity, Polls Yet To Open

Villages in Donga Mantung Division, North West Region are dead quiet on this polling day.

While voters in the French speaking parts of Cameroon are exercising their civic rights normally, those in the conflict hit North West and South West Regions are not sure of stepping out of their homes as military and Pro-independence fighters have been raining bullets in the air.

With the security centred around local officials, the situation has become more complex for voters.
This picture shows a deserted Tabenken, in Ndonga Mantung, quiet like graveyard.

« As I talk to you the voting is not taking place in almost all the villages in Donga Mantung. For the few villages they have managed to use, as pulling stations » a source recounted to Mimi Mefo Info.

The entire Donga Mantung has been in the dark for closed to one month.
 » It is over 3weeks today those from Donga and Mantung are not having Nexttel, MTN or Orange networks, talk less of electricity. Even on this Election Day, people are living in darkness, » the source added.

« I doubt if really the elections will take place in all the designated pulling stations. In all the villages streets are all dry, » he added.

It remains unclear if the situation might return to normal but earlier today, shops were ravaged by flames at the Nkambe main market.

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