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ELECAM Compiling Results Of Sunday’s Presidential Election In Cameroon

Officials of the election governing body in Cameroon, Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) have completed the first day of compiling results of Sunday October 7, 2018 presidential election.

On Monday October 8, officials of respective Divisional Offices began receiving partial results from the 24, 988 subdivisions and 24,988 polling stations across Cameroon.

They have latest 72 hours from the day of vote as provided by the law to forward the results to the national vote counting commission, who are charged to count and give final results to the constitutional council.

The constitutional council which after confirmation can then publish the results within a Maximum period of 15 days according to the constitution.

At the Littoral Regional Delegation of ELECAM, representatives of the four divisions; notably the Wouri, the Moungo, the Nkam and the Sanaga-Maritime are grouped on separate stands to receive results from different subdivisional ELECAM branches within their Divisions.

The Littoral Regional Delegate of ELECAM Emmanuel Kwa Dika said the exercise is unfolding hitch free, and sounded optimistic that the task will be accomplished within the time accorded by the law.

The delegate also outlined that ELECAM officials have a second role, to receive complaints from candidates decrying irregularities, which most be filed in, in not more 72 hours from the day of the vote.

When these complaints are received and published by ELECAM, the accused are are summoned to report in less than 48 hours before the constitutional council begin analysing the complaints.

If the complaints are founded, ELECAM may annul complete or partial results as the case may be.

In a situation when whole of partial results are annulled on bases of irregularities as mentioned above, ELECAM is obliged by the law to organize fresh election between 20 to 40 days.

As Cameroon impatiently awaits results from the constitutional council, conflicting and opposing results continue to flood social media from diverse sources.

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