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Douala: CRM Party Supporters Outsmart Security Forces and Stage Press Conference

Police and Gendarmes block entrance to conference venue

A more determined Yondo Back and Albert Nzongang successfully grant a press conference in Douala despite persistent fruitless attempts by the S.D.O Wouri Joseph Mache Bertrand to thwart it.

Prior to the press conference slated for 10 am Thursday October 11, 2018, at the Douala based residence of Batonier Yondo black, a mixed team of Gendermarie and police officials on the instructions of the SDO for Wouri besieged the venue to prevent the meeting from holding. They blocked both entrances to the residence located behind Orca in Akwa Douala 1 subdivision. Journalist and other participants were prevented from accessing the venue.

In a swift and witty response, the conveners immediately came up with a new venue. The press conference was moved to the residence of one of the team member, a strong ally of the Cameroon Renaissance movement party, Albert Nzongang located in another end of the Commercial neighborhood of Akwa.

They outsmarted security forces, stationed some CRM party militants at the initial venue and others at the party’s regional headquarter located in Grand Moulin, Deido Douala 1 while the meeting was ongoing at the residence of Albert Nzongang

Before the Police and gendarmes could learn of the new venue, Yondo Black and Albert Nzongang had finished addressing the Press. In a brief and Swift Barrister Yondo Black told Cameroonians that the new era is here and they should not allows the in doubtable victory of professor Maurice Kamto to be stolen.
He said the tribalistic utterances propagated by some Cameroonians of bad faith do not in anywhere resemble the agenda of the CRM party. He equally said the CRM did not call Cameroonians to the street, and they were aware of plans for an uprising to blame it on the CRM.

The team of security officials finally arrived at the end of the conference introducing themselves as haven been sent by Mr Mache Joseph Bertrand SDO for Wouri to stop the holding of the press conference. Like Hewet.

*Nformi Sandah*

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