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Eric Kingué Vows To Protect Kamto’s Victory With His Life-Accuses ATANGA NJI Of Destabilization

The Campaign Manager of Professor Maurice Kamto has vowed to keep fighting for the respect of the people’s choice even if it will cost his life or freedom.

Paul Eric Kingue was giving the stance of the Kamto-Backed-Coalition in a chat with the press this evening, after security forces banned a press conference he announced in the afternoon.

According to Paul Eric Kingue, the election results after the close of the poll on October 7 show Kamto won the election.

« We will present the complete result to the press. We will not accept the doctored results the government is planning to release. None of our representatives signed after vote count, which is against the law… » Paul Eric Kingue noted.

The former Mayor of Njombe-Penja council lashed out at what he called overzealous government ministers citing Paul ATANGA NJI as an agent of destabilization put in place by the regime.

« Who is ATANGA NJI to threaten and discredit an intellectual like Maurice Kamto? He even goes as far as saying DOs will take care of Kamto, who told him a DO has the power to order for an arrest? I doubt if ATANGA NJI Paul and some government ministers have attained a level of knowledge to be appointed ministers…This is a disgrace to our nation, that a Minister is allowed to say whatever he wants.. » Paul Eric Kingue wondered.

He continued that the attitude of Paul ATANGA NJI exposes his intellectual deficiency « A Minister of Territorial Administration is supposed to be a peace advocate and a nation builder and not a threat to citizens. »

The CRM has announced a press conference in the days ahead to publish full results of the presidential election in Cameroon.

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