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Kah Walla Vows To Oust Biya-Says There is No End to The Anglophone Crisis If Biya Stays in power

The National President of the Cameroon People’s Party has maintained that the much desired changed in Cameroon, can Only be achieved in a political transition and not through the ballot box.

« I’m even more bent on ousting the Biya regime through a non-violent manner. Cameroonians hold the power to do this. The ballot box has proven to not be a solution. »

Live from Douala, Cameroon, Edith Kahbang Walla, a woman who has vowed to takedown Cameroon’s President Paul Biya told German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle that Cameroonian’s are hungry for change.

She regretted that her advice for the opposition to boycott the October 7 presidential election was not heeded to.
Kah Walla insists that all Cameroonians must now gear up for a peaceful revolution that will usher in change.

The CPP President urged the population of the English Speaking regions of Cameroon to join force with their French speaking counterparts and get rid of the current regime.

« With Mr Biya in power, there is no way the anglophone problem can be addressed. He only has a military solution to this crisis. But if the regime is replaced, we can come together as one people and discuss on the way forward »
Kah Walla revealed.

She further expantiated on the form of the state which to here should not be a taboo subject;
« Personally i think Federalism is the best option. Let us stay together, but render our regions autonomous such that regional heads will take decisions based on the realities of each regions » the CPP President explained.

Edith Kah Walla expressed worries over the situation of IDPs and the fact that students and pupils have not been to school for two years now.

She called on those involved in hostilities to drop their weapons, because to her, the ongoing unrest has brought untold hardship to the anglophone population.

« It does not matter who drops the weapon first…it is true the government has been brutalising, killing and radicalising youths from the start of the crisis. And as violent continues, the civilians suffer more. I think, a non-violent approach is the best strategy to adopt… » Kah Walla cautioned.

Kah Walla qualified Paul Biya as incapable of addressing the anglophone crisis which has dragged on for two years now.

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