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Cameroonians Stage Mass Protests Against Another Biya Presidential Mandate

Cameroonians took to the streets of Washington DC, (USA), Berlin (Germany), and Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), to protest a probable victory for incumbent President, Paul Biya.

According to the protesters, Maurice Kamto, Presidential Candidate for the Cameroon Renaissance Party (CRM), is the legitimate winner of the just ended presidential elections.

On Friday October 19, 2018 several hundreds, thronged the Cameroon Embassy in Washington DC, chanting anti-Biya songs, while calling on the American government not to allow HE Paul Biya, gets another mandate.

They recited the National Anthem, reiterating that they are bona fide citizens of Cameroon who want to see change.

According to them, Prof Maurice Kamto, won the 2018 Presidential elections, but the various regime backed institutions who managed and legislated on the elections, used malicious means to give President Paul Biya, yet, another mandate.

This Saturday October 20 2018, over a thousand Cameroonians took to the streets of Berlin, proclaiming Prof Kamto, the rightful winner of the October 7 poll. Using National emblems, and the effigy of the CRM presidential candidate, the protesters demanded the German Chancellor, Angela Markel, to intervene and save Cameroon from any impending danger.

The protesters chanted anti-regime songs, while promising hell for the incumbent President, should he be declared the winner of the just ended presidential elections.

They were closely followed by the German forces of Law and Order, who barricaded the both ends of the road, in prevention of any looming danger. The protesters told the regime that they should learn from Germany, who would permit any one to protest and air out their grievances, as opposed to Cameroon, where President Paul Biya, has alleged stifled any planned protest.

Meanwhile, several hundreds turned up at the Ouagadougou Sports Complex in Burkina Faso, to also raise their voices against another Paul Biya, Presidential mandate. Just like in the other parts of the world where protests were held, these protesters equally used megaphones to proclaim Prof Kamto, as the rightful winner.
Another protest has been announced for Douala by « activists » who say they are tired of the Biya regime.
They are planning to storm Douala streets Sunday and then, the Constitutional Council Monday when election results will be proclaimed.

In the meantime, many political observers have questioned the rationale behind protests, when results have not been declared by the Constitutional Council (CC).

The CC is due to declare the winner of the Oct 7 2018, Presidential elections, this Monday October 22, 2018. Opinion holders articulated that, if there were to be any protest, then it would have come after the declaration of the results and not now.
However, the protesters say they have a strong conviction that the CC will declare President Paul Biya as the winner. So, they opined that it would be best to raise International awareness, even before the election results would be released.
More protests are likely going to be happening in the days ahead.

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