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Military Quashes Nintcheu’s protest-Places Him, Kah Walla Under House Arrest

It is already nightfall and Hon Jean Mitchel NINTCHEU’S announced pacific walk is yet to happen.

At 3:00pm, the scheduled time for the peaceful protest, all eyes and ears were directed towards Dakar, Douala 3.

But the organiser of the anti-Biya protest, SDF Littoral Regional Chair, was nowhere to be found.
A senior journalist, Eli Smith, had this reply after contacting him on phone
« There is no way I can step out of my house, my compound is under military surveillance, » Jean Mitchel NINTCHEU said.

A similar team of police officers was dispatched to the Bonapriso residence of Edith Kah Walla. The President of the Cameroon People’s Party (CPP), tweeted that her home was still under military siege at nightfall.

Earlier at about 10am Sunday October 21, a few protesters were already gathered at Dakar for the March, waiting for « someone » to take the lead.

Security forces who were deployed hours to the gathering, molested and arrested journalists, protesters.

Amongst the two-journalist arrested and taken for questioning in Bonanjo, were Josiane Kouagheu of Reuters and Prince Fogue working with <>.
Both journalists were released hours after, following pressure from the Cameroon Journalists Trade Union (SNJC) and the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

« I narrowly escaped arrest! I was almost picked up as well… Thank God I succeeded to escaped… However, we were barred from taking images and videos… our phones were even seized and pictures deleted…, » Lasha Kingsly, the CEO of Prime News and journalist, at <> told Mimi Mefo info.

The release of the apprehended driver of Josiane Kouagheu and other civilians, is still awaited.

On his facebook post late Sunday October 21, Honorable Jean Michel Nintcheu condemned the arrest of journalists and said the regime’s barbaric acts, show Biya lost the election.

« After banning the rally and march that I had programmed today, the dictatorial regime of Yaoundé has attacked with extreme violence, journalists whose only crime was to practice their profession!
I hear that Reuters correspondent, kouagheu Josiane, was arbitrarily arrested and detained in Bonanjo in the DST all day!
My house was surrounded by soldiers in the early hours of the morning making me a prisoner in his own home!
All these acts of barbarity from the regime show one thing: M Biya lost the October 07 elections!

The struggle continues » Nintcheu said.

Could this day be considered as another failed attempt by Jean Mitchel Nintcheu to hold a rally against the Biya regime?

For several years since the 2008 hunger strike which kicked off in Douala, Jean Mitchel NINTCHEU has not held a successful protest in the Wouri Division.

His announced protests are either being met with stiff resistance or house arrests.
Critics hold that if Jean Mitchel NINTCHEU wants to succeed, he must opt for a different strategy.

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