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Clement Atangana Declares Biya Winner, Gets FCFA 272 Million House

Barely 24hours after Justice Clement Atangana, President of the Constitutional Council Proclaimed Biya Paul as Winner of the 2018 presidential election with a landslide victory of 71.28%, the Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development (MINEPAT) has provided 272,659,992 FCFA (two hundred and seventy two million, six hundred and fifty nine thousand seventy two hundred and ninety two franc) for the construction of the Residence of the President of the Constitutional Council based in Bastos, Yaoundé for the 2018/2019 budget under budgetary line number 94709071100002209.

The Minister of State Property, Surveys and Land Tenure has launched an open National Invitation to all companies located in Cameroon specialized in the field of public works and who enjoy sufficient legal, financial and technical capabilities to bid to construct the said house.

The contract to construct the residence of the Constitutional Council President Clement Atangana will only be given to the bidder company who meets all the requirements of MINDCAF and who can deliver within eight months.

According to the Ministry of State Property Surveys and Land Tenure (MINDCAF), companies interested in the contract must submit a non-refundable sum of 100,000 FCFA and present a receipt from public treasury.

Each bid by all the companies interested shall draft seven copies, one original and six copies in either French or English to the contract service of MINDCAF latest 28 November 2018.

In compliance to the special rules and regulations to construct the residence of the President of the Constitutional Court, each bidder must provide a bond of five million, four hundred and fifty thousand franc FCFA not more than 120 days old issued by a first rank bank approved by the Minister of Finance.

The nature of the work include, reinforced concrete works, masonry work, wood metal and aluminium carpentry work, painting work, sanitary plumbing works, electrical work, framing and roofing, bidding will commence on November 28, 2018.

The contract will be awarded to the bidder whose tender has been found to be substantially in conformity with the tender file procedure and which has the technical and financial capacity to perform the contract satisfactory and whose offer has been rated the lowest including where appropriate the discounts offered.

Bidders must stay committed to their bid 90days after they have submitted their offer to take up the contract according to Jacqueline Koung A Bessike Minister of State Property, Surveys and Land Tenure as found in Cameroon Tribune newspaper dated Tuesday October 23,2018 published under number 11706/7905.

Many have interpreted the move as compensation to Clement Atangana for proclaming victory in favour of Paul Biya on October 22, but a lawyer told Mimi Mefo Info that,the house will Permanently lodge Presidents of the Constitutional council hence.
« He is of course entitled to it as a CC president, it is not his private home… « Barrister Tamfu declared.

« The government wants to host the President in a comfortable house like any other state personality in Cameroon…the unanswered question is why now? » he asked.

By Franklin Muabe

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