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Stop Insidious Interpretations, Manipulation – Cabral Libii Reacts To BBC Interview

The Flagbearer of the UNIVERS Party in the just ended 2018 presidential elections, Cabral Libii, has slammed the BBC for selective reporting, subject only to their interpretations.

Reacting, Tuesday October 23, 2018, on an interview aired over the BBC purporting Mr Libii’s intensions to join the Biya’s government if given a chance, Cabral Libii stated categorically clear that the BBC, did a montage of the interview, cutting and pasting only what they wanted.

He urged the BBC to stop insidious interpretations and manipulation.
“A journalist broadcasts excerpts from Cabral Libii, highlighting only the part that tended to suggest that he is ready to join the government of Paul Biya. This is absolutely misinterpretation!” Cabril Libi said.

According to Cabral Libii’s communications office, the BBC asked two very important questions which are by themselves correlative. However, on airing the excerpts, the media decided to select just a segment of the interview, giving many to misinterpret Mr Libii.

“Indeed, asking the question to Cabral that if he would be willing to participate in a possible government of national unity, the response was: « we are always ready to work to build this country if the conditions for constructive work are set up. » And when the journalist further inquired: what do you mean by condition?

The response was clear, though it was never broadcast: « These are the conditions of a transition. They must relate to structural reforms affecting the electoral code, the constitution.

It is all about to setting up a normalisation committee build on democratic principles, in addition to reforming the functioning of the state in favour of transparency and performance, and as far as you can tell, this regime elected on the old status quo, can never enact this type of reform. So, I think that joining this government is farfetched. »

The supporters reiterated that their candidate has always been consistent and could never “work with these mummies without souls.”

Cabral Libii has said he will continue to join force with opposition, to fight the current regime which has decided to cling to power.

« The outgoing President has decided to cling to power at all costs. This act of ultimate malice towards the Cameroonian people will not go unpunished before the court of history. I invite you to be vigilant and not to be distracted… »Cabral Libii declared today.

The Coordinator of Eleven Million Citizens said that he will continue to woo young Cameroonians into politics, and prepare for future elections billed for 2019 in Cameroon. Cabral Libii says his roadmap will be unveiled in a press conference October 24th in Yaounde.

« Details on our short, medium and long-term projects will be provided during the press conference, organized on the premises of our HQ on Wednesday, October 24, 2018. On this occasion, our official position on the results proclaimed by the Constitutional Court will be made public…, » Cabral Libii concluded.

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