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Former African Heads of State Thabo Mbeki, Olusegun Obasanjo And Laurent Gbagbo Severely Tackle Biya

Three of president Paul Biya’s former colleagues have asked him to cede power.

Former South African and Nigerian presidents in a co-signed letter addressed to the re-elected president power since 1982 and counting ask him to leave.

The two former heads of state who had ceded power in their respective countries urge incumbent Paul Biya to make a decision that honors Cameroon and the African continent as well as making him a great statesman.

They challenged him to cancel the past presidential election of October 7 and hold a new election with national and international observers to make it more credible and acceptable by all parties.

« The democratic election in a clear process is one of the most beautiful legacies you will leave to your beloved country, because like Mandela, you will go down in history as the one who brought democracy to your kind country, and which has also imposed elections with clear results as a golden rule and inviolable for a peaceful change or even for re-election » they wrote.

In the same vain, Laurent Gbagbo former president of Ivory Coast from his ICC (International Criminal Court) cell in the Hague, through the franc-afrique network, called on Cameroonians to defend their democratic freedom, their right to choose who they want as president.

Recall that Laurent Gbagbo, a true symbol and icon of the fight for freedom and the end of francs CFA, is very much appreciated by today’s youth and by many new African leaders.

He wrote: « Africa is the future of the world in terms of development, unexploited resources and human capital » and « Remember that these soft presidents, subject to the will of the explorers and the mystical networks, will always be in power, » he added.

Thabo Mbeki, Olusegun Obasanjo and Laurent Gbagbo suggest that, president elect Paul Biya chooses to follow their credible words of wisdom or follow his entourage by accepting the results of a highly contested election which held October 7th 2018, than stay in power to spend the most difficult seven years of his reign .

Madina S/ Sandah

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