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Govt Takes Tough Stance On Street Demonstration, Promises Hell To Defaulters

The government of Cameroon has cautioned citizens to steer clear of any acts of manipulation and street demonstrations that will jeopardize the peace and stability of Cameroon.

The Minister of Territorial Administration (MINAT), Paul Atanga Nji was speaking, Friday, October 27, 2018, during a Press Conference that took place at the conference room of his ministry.

According to Minister Paul Atanga Nji, proponents of violence shall be rammed and brought before the competent judicial authority. He promised harsh measure to all those who will attempt to disrupt public order.

“The administration, has thus far, shown proofs of tolerance, but I must tell you that, we will henceforth not tolerate any disorder. All attempts to disrupt public order will be handled with firmness. Perpetrators, likewise, those they would have incited in joining them, will be handed before competent judicial institutions. To the best of my knowledge, being a candidate for a presidential election or a member of a political party does not give immunity. All those who will attempt to violate the laws of the republic, will answer before the court, and be rigorously treated by the same laws,” the MINAT Boss stressed.

The MINAT Boss rubbished all dissident claims of fraud, irregularities and election malpractices, that marred the October 7, 2018, Presidential elections.

According to Minister Atanga Nji, all necessary dispositions were taken to produce a satisfactory result.
He posited that the election was fully satisfactory.
“The Head of State gave firm instructions to the administration to put in optimal measures to secure the entire electoral process, so that elections (the main one in the life of our country), should hold in total calm and serenity. Elections Cameroon (ELECAM), the independent organ, entrusted with the material organisations of the presidential election, put in place all measures for the elections to hold in the best condition possible and in respect of the internationally respectable standards. These conditions were highly attained. Electoral campaigns and voting that follows took place without any major worry,” Atanga Nji said.

He decried the self-proclamation of victory by the presidential candidate of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM), Maurice Kamto, and other acts of the legal mind and his followers. Minister Atanga Nji, qualified those outings as illegal.

“It is, however, regrettable that before the results of the presidential election could be proclaimed, a candidate took upon himself, to make illegal and anti-constitutional declarations, notably: proclaiming himself as the winner of the presidential elections, even before the Constitutional Council, the only competent authority to do so, could act. Even as the said candidate after accepting to abide by the rules, notably: petitioning the Constitutional Council, before which he freely made known his arguments, he again derailed by contesting the verdict of the constitutional council, which is supposed to be final. The candidate and his followers never stopped multiplying provocations and other dangerous acts, on social peace, by attempting to organize demonstrations. Many of their acts and declarations contravene existing laws of the land, notably; dispositions of the penal codes, and the anti-terrorism law, which furnish acts of terrorism and incitation to rebel against the state,” Atanga Nji elucidated.

Minister Atanga Nji’s pronouncement comes contrarily to that made by the Presidential Candidate of the Universe Party, Cabral Libii, who said the election period will end only when the President-elect must have been sworn in, which to him, is November 6,2018.

Atanga Nji, however, said the election period ended the very day the winner of the presidential elections was proclaimed.

Nonetheless, the MINAT Boss had indicated at his epilogue during the press conference that, the election process will end the day the president-elect will be sworn in.


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