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Blood Flows In Nyasoso Sunday!

Sunday, October 28, 2018 was one of the bloodiest in Nyasoso, a locality in Tombel, of the embattled Kupe Manengouba Division South West region of Cameroon.

A fierce gun battle between security forces and pro-independence fighters claimed the lives of at least five civilians.

Four of the victims were caught by bullets in Nyasoso while one unidentified individual with the head cut off was found around Mbulle in the same Division.

Some elements of the National Defence Force were said to have been killed by Amba boys in the exchange, Mimi Mefo Info has learned.

Sources in Nyasoso say the area is now deserted after many escaped into bushes when military reportedly set their houses on fire.
« It has been a bloody Sunday in Nyasoso village. The battle has ended with many houses burnt down by the military. GHS Nyasoso school refectory burnt down completely, remember it is a boarding school. About eight military men gunned down and some wounded. Blood was dropping from the military truck as they were leaving the area but that did not stop them from shooting in the air. Civilians ran into the bushes. The village is deserted as of now, » a local narrated.
The deceased victims have finally been laid to rest by relatives.

MMI is yet to confirm the killing of soldiers as an official statement from competent authorities is still awaited.
Calm is yet to return to Nyasoso after the Sunday skirmishes.

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