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Kamto Says Those Arrested In Douala, Yaounde Are Heroines, Heroes!

Maurice Kamto, candidate at the October 7 presidential election on the ticket of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) writes to his comrades after scores were arrested for protesting against electoral hold-up.
Professor Maurice Kamto said those who were detained for decrying injustice will forever be heroes.
He added that the national resistance plan continues against the President elect, Paul Biya.


To all the diaspora patriots who have mobilized themselves as never before in our history since the proclamation of the unfair results of the presidential election of October 7th; all Cameroonians from home and abroad who have courageously committed to our side under the PNR (National Resistance Plan) the past weekend; you who last Saturday and from the banks of the Wouri made Douala and Cameroon vibrate, by your peaceful and courageous acts; you of the Cameroonian diaspora who since your stay in foreign land have joined your voices and your footsteps to those of the compatriots of Douala; you, resisters of Roman Catholic Christianity of Yaoundé who, on the esplanade of the Cathedral Notre Dame, in the silence, the meditation, the prayer, and in a peaceful way, have communicated this last Sunday with the ideal of quest of the truth applied to the presidential election of 07 October 2018; you who, for having given your support and your compassion to these embassy resistants, have borne the brunt of an arbitrary arrest, you are heroines and heroes whose courage commands admiration and strengthens our determination to resist arbitrariness and oppression. Also, I condemn with the most keen energy the trampling of your liberties and your rights by forces refractory to Truth, Law and Justice, and assure you of my constant attachment in this fight.

You lawyers and other people of good will who are spontaneously mobilized to defend those whose fight for the Right and justice led to detention, hear in my voice the expression of my patriotic gratitude towards you .
Let’s stay mobilized because the national resistance continues!
Maurice KAMTO

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