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Popular Bali Tailor Shot Dead!

A renowned tailor in Bali was yesterday shot dead, purportedly by the military .

The man fondly called, Major, was killed behind his house at Njenka Bali-Nyonga, North West Region, Mefo info has learned.

The killing resulted to ceaseless firing of gunshots last night in the area between security forces and pro-independence fighters.

« We could barely sleep at night. The Amba boys went wild and we could hear gunshots throughout the night.
« The gun battle subsided at about 4am. The number of casualties is still to be verified, » a source in Njenka, Bali recounted.

Bali has become a battlefield for months now amid reports that most administrators are out of the village.

Some houses at Titam quarter were shattered by bullets as soldiers in search of Amba boys made rounds.

Reports say one person was injured following the sporadic gunshots

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