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Gunshots Envelope Balikumbat, Bamessing As Soldiers Battle Amba Boys

Balikumbat, Ngohketunjia Division, North West Region, is boiling in sporadic gunshots which kept locals indoors since early today.

The people could not sleep at night as they could hear gunshots from different directions.

A Balikumbat resident wrote: « We have not been able to sleep..the night was rocked by gun firing and is relatively unclear if it is the usual amba military show out. But it has persisted for several hours till early this morning. It is the around the Balikumbat medicalized health center where the military has occupied for more than a month now. It is not easy as I write, we are still hearing gunshots…, » he recounted.

The central town of Balikumbat is deserted as locals have not been able to step out of their homes for fear of being targeted.

Balikumbat has almost been like a war zone for several months now.
Pregnant women and patient have not been able to have access to medical care since all the hospitals and clinics are deserted.
An estimated three houses were set on fire around the Catholic school, Main Mission in Balikumbat, locals have been indoors since early today.

In nearby Bamessing, locals say the gunshots are deafening. Soldiers and pro independence fighters are said to be locked in battle.

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