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Sisiku Ayuk Tabe And Co In Court, Deceased Kuwait Victim Goes Home, Panic In Bonduma….And More

Hearing in the Habeas Corpus case, filed by the Defence Counsel of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and Co resumed today at the Appeal Court in Yaounde, Cameroon’s political capital.
The leader of the Ambazonian Interim Government and associates appeared before the judge for the first time, today, November 1st in Yaounde amid tight security.
The case was adjourned to November 15.
The Lead Defence Counsel, Barrister Fru John Nsoh had told the court to show good faith by sending Sisiku and alleged accomplices to court.
The prison officials on October 11, during the previous hearing, claimed they were unaware, the accused had to appear in Court.
The Ambazonian leaders have been held incommunicado for 10months, as they are constantly being denied access to their lawyers.
They were arrested in Abuja Nigeria, on January 5 and extradited to Cameroon.
His lawyers have accused the Cameroon government of violating international laws.

A woman in her late 60s has today, November 1st 2018, committed suicide by hanging at Rail Ngono, Bonaberi Neighbourhood in Douala.
The woman said to be going through psychological trauma is not doing so for the first time.
During her previous attempt on her life, she was rescued from drowning in the river by a bike rider.
Her corpse has been deposited at the mortuary.

The remains of Nche Solange Emilia will be removed from the Mortuary of the Bonassama District Hospital in Bonaberi, Douala IV this Thursday.
Nche Solange Emilia is the 23year old girl who died in Kuwait, ten days, after she left Cameroon in search of jobs.
Results of findings launched to uncover claims of her dismembered body is still awaited.
The corpse of Nche Solange Emilia will be transported to Bamemda today for burial.

Bambili is still suffering from the aftermath of days of Military – Amba onslaught.
An uneasy calm reigns in the heavily militarised town.
Some students were told by Amba boys, to evacuate the area, one of them told MMI.

The corpse of Mme Genevieva Mah, has been deposited at the Mortuary in Bamenda after she was stabbed to death by her son.
Gerald, in his early 20s was constantly in conflict with his mother and has been acting abnormal lately, according to family sources.
The incident which took place at the Waterside, Old Town neighbourhood in Bamenda left many in shock.

Inhabitants of Mbeme and Moshie villages of upper Bayang subdivision, Manyu Division, South west region are still in shock after the allege killing of seven civilians by the army in their villages Wednesday October 31, 3018.
The army is said to have invaded Mbeme and Moshie at 4am Wednesday October 31, raided homes, destroyed property and killing unarmed civilians. They allegedly moved to Moshie where a man named Vitalis, his 3 children and wife were killed.

After yesterday’s killing of the young welder Jude, residents of Mbve got angry and blocked the road leading from Tobin and squares into Mbve with trees, stones and whatever they could find.
The military is trying to cut and remove the trees and are using a DJI phantom drone (model 3 or 4) which is not armed but just for surveillance. I know about the drone and model because i have flown one myself.
Many Residents of Mbve have fled for fear of the unknown.

An impromptu search in Bonduma this night left the population in total panic.
Security forces stormed a compound in Bonduma Gate after the Primary at midnight and ordered all the tenants and landlord out of the house.
They were told to sleep on the floor and after firing twice in the air, the son of the landlord whose name we got as Mukasey Peter, his cousin and a tenant who got home late were arrested.
« The military say a suspected Amba who was caught with a gun, mentioned the name of Peter… » a source told MMI.

The Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) in a statement has said Seven workers of its workers, were physically assaulted by armed men Wednesday 31,Oct 2018 while carrying out their professional duties in the Tiko sub division.
The release said the fingers of three female workers were amputated, four fingers of a male worker, wounded buttocks of a worker injured by a gunshot; multiple lacerations of two other workers. Workers have been advised to be calm and avoid panic while the crime is being investigated

Preparations are upbeat at the Yaounde Conference Centre and the National Assembly ahead of the 3rd Parliamentary Session which opens at 11am Friday, November 2nd 2018.
The session will examine implementation rate of the 2018, and adopt the 2019 budget.
The highpoint of the session will be the swearing in ceremony of the President Elect Biya Paul.

One of the Youngest Political Analyst in Cameroon, Ekanga Claude Wilfried, has described Professor Maurice Kamto and Cabral Libii as most outstanding politicians to bring change in Cameroon. « I discovered they have similar strength and weaknesses…it only takes such a force to remove 36year old regime from power… » Ekanga Claude Wilfried said after meeting Cabral Libii.

The Cameroon Association of English speaking journalists (CAMASEJ-D), Douala branch during their enlarged monthly general assembly have educated themselves on how to remain professional during the post presidential election period in Cameroon.
The CAMASEJ Douala-chapter President, Moki Charles Linonge, stressed on the need for media professionals to maintain their credibility in strict respect of fairness and balance.

The sum of 50million FCFA have been handed to some 30 councils selected from the 10 Regions of Cameroon for keeping track record in the 2018 Community Driven Development Program (PNDP). The Mayors were awarded the prizes Wednesday, October 31st, by Alamine Ousman May, Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional
Their transparency and efficiency in the execution of projects, were taken into account.(CRTV)

Today is observed as All Saints’ Day.
Commemorated on 1 November, it is a special Christian holiday and Feast of All Saints, celebrated in honour of all the saints, known and unknown.
It is celebrated on November 1 by the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion, the Methodist Church, the Lutheran Church, the Reformed Church, and other Protestant churches. 
It is by All Souls’ Day on 2 November.

Prominent Ethiopian human rights lawyer Meaza Ashenafi has been elected as the first woman to head the country’s federal supreme court.
It’s the latest in a series of appointments in Ethiopia that has seen the promotion of women to top jobs.
Last week, Sahle-Work Zewde became the country’s first president – a ceremonial position.
The week before, Prime Minister Abiy appointed a cabinet with half the posts taken up by women.

The body of a retired Nigerian army general, who mysteriously disappeared on 3 September, has been found in a well.
Gen Idris Alkali went missing while travelling alone from the capital, Abuja, to his hometown in Bauchi state.
His car was found a month ago in an abandoned mining pit on the outskirts of the central city of Jos.

The European Union is set to renew sanctions on senior officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo, including Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary, the presidential candidate backed by current President Joseph Kabila.
Mr Shadary is a former interior minister who oversaw security forces during a crackdown from 2016 to 2017 in the capital, Kinshasa, where a number of demonstrators were killed

53 years of harassment by Congolese police on some 1500 Cameroonians in Congo came to an end yesterday with the creation of a consulate in Congo’s northern town of Ouesso. Le Jeune Mbella Mbella of External Relations said the consulate is created to strengthen bilateral relationships with Congo and also to bring consular fellowship closer to its compatriots

In sports, the joint CAF and FIFA inspection team assessing the security state of Cameroon ahead of the 2019 AFCON tournament are in Douala today to inspect facilities earmarked to host the competition in June of next year. The team paid a visit to some structures in the town of Buea and Limbe in the South West Region accompanied by Governor Bernard Okalia Bilia

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