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Family Insists Military Killed U.S. Baptist Missionary In Bambui

By: Dominic Meme

Relatives of the American Missionary,shot in Bambui on October 30th, have said Cameroonian soldiers are responsible for Charles Wesco’s death.

“The American missionary was traveling in a vehicle with his wife, one of his children and another missionary, heading toward the town of Bamenda, when a soldier shot him several times in the head…”, a statement from Joy Williams sister in –law to Charles Trumann Wesco to Reuters by telephone in USA.

The version of the family has further cast doubts on the identity of which group killed the missionary.

Earlier late Wednesday October 31 2018, U.S. State Department confirmed that, on Tuesday an American citizen was killed in Cameroon and said it was offering all appropriate consular assistance to the family, but provided no further details about the person.

The department pointed that the missionary died in the course of a cross fire between the military and armed separatists as explained by the Cameroon government.

The Cameroon government according to the US state department promised to provide more details about the death of the missionary as investigation continue.

US has called on both restoration forces and the government to engage into meaningful dialogue to put an end to an over two years armed conflict, in the minority Anglophone regions in Cameroon.

In a release signed by Cameroon’s minister delegate at the presidency in charge of defense on Tuesday October 30 2018 and read over the state media, Joseph Beti Asomo affirmed that the missionary was killed by those he called « terrorists » on their way to attack the campus of the university of Bamenda in Bambili.

He further explained that prompt military intervention succeeded in « neutralising » four of the terrorists. This version from the Cameroon government has not been officially given to the US state department, who still hold that the missionary died in a crossfire.

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