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Dozens Of Kamto Supporters Spend First Night In Bafoussam Cells

38 supporters and sympathisers of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party in Bafoussam are behind bars.

They were arrested in Bafoussam Sunday, November 4th on the street as they staged a pacific walk against Electoral Hold Up in the country.

They have spent their first night in detention.
Some of the protesters who resisted were molested by soldiers who were deployed on the streets of Bafoussam, after the DO for Bafoussam 1 banned the said protest.

The march is part of a National Resistance Plan, initiated by the self declared winner of the presidential election, Professor Maurice Kamto, to denounce what he calls electoral fraud.
Journalists have also been cautioned to boycott public demonstrations or face arrest, a source in Bafoussam told Mimi Mefo info.

Below is the list of arrested protesters:
-Fokou Antoine
-Fomom Patsa Rodrigue
-Kouam Emmanuel
-Kamdoum Firmin
-Tatha Gérard Flaubert
-Kamguia Jacques
-Yonta Jean
-Tafone Jean Pierre
-Koumeka Chrétien
-Tabuguia Augustin
-Gnotue Fotso Geraldin
-Tchoffo Samuel
-Fokam Samuel
-Bakam Jeanne d’arc
-Tchida Fosso Duplex
-Pokem Jacques
-Kamwa Lazare
-Tchouandep Valery
-Tallah Emmanuel
-Kamwa Michel
-Simo Maxime
-Magagne Janvier
-Fokam Alain Désiré
-Nana Nana Serges
-Ngouffo Jean Bernard
-Momo Brice
-Ngankem Alex
-Kamdem Joseph
-Wentchoua Étienne
-Syapdje Tamghe René
-Tekam Tamkam Roméo
-Téné André
-Fotsing Jacob Camerounais
-Weka Gaël Martial
-Saidou Idrissou
-Mopouong Christian Rodrigue
-Teguia Jean Clovis
-Tako Panmo Rodrigue

A statement from the CRM Spokesperson, condemned what they called arbitrary arrests of its militants adding that they will not heed to any intimidation.

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