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President Paul Biya Urges Secessionists To Drop Weapons, Pledges To Do All It Takes To Address Anglophone crisis…..And More

National and International News Round-up;

The President elect of Cameroon has pledged to do all it takes for peace to return in Cameroon’s restive North West and South West regions.
« I want to call on the youths engaged in hostilities to drop their arms and follow the right path…especially the younger ones who have endulged in a fruitless cause.. » Paul Biya declared.
« I am convinced the majority of the Cameroonians in the North West and South West Regions want peace and I am determined to address the root causes of their frustrations. » Paul Biya added.
The Head of State, said negative forces took advantage of a genuine revandication to set a secessionist agenda which he recalled, is against the constitution and the notion of living together.
He said defaulters will face the wrath of the law and defence forces.
The President elect pledged to hasten the decentralisation process to Forster national development.
« I am conscious of the frustrations of some Cameroonains in the North West and South West Regions. We shall speed up the decentralisation process to render local councils more autonomous. » The re-elected President noted
Speaking after taking oath of office « I do So Swear » as stipulated in article 7 of the constitution of Cameroon, he said other measures will be taken to address the frustrations of the English Speaking population in Cameroon.
He also promised to boost ongoing road networks, health and agricultural projects to improve on the country’s economic growth.
« Agricultural revolution and on-the-spot transformation of produce, industrialisation will be our priority in future. » He said

In his inaugural speech, the newly sworn-in President, Paul Biya also said he has taken note of the youth’s urge to contribute to nation-building. He promises to act accordingly.
He promised to include youths in the decision making circles and reate more job opportunities.

The President of the National Assembly has described President Paul Biya as an epitome of democracy and development in Cameroon.
Cavaye Yeguie Djibril was speaking during the swearing in ceremony of President-elect.
« You are unifying force, you are President of peace and reassurance….with you Cameroonians live in peace and prosperity…. » the House Speaker declared.
Cameroon has declared a public holiday to mark the inauguration of Paul Biya, President elect.
The 85-year-old secured a seventh term in office after winning 71.28% of the vote in the 7 October presidential election.
Opposition parties, however, contested the win saying the election was marred by fraud but their petitions were dismissed, by the Constitutional Council.
Mr Biya has been in power since 1982.

Gunmen seized at least 79 students and three others, including the principal at PSS Nkwen, Bamenda, the capital of the restive North-West region.
The figures were advanced by officials of The Presbyterian Secondary School and the North West Governor.
No group has said it carried out the kidnapping at Bamenda’s Presbyterian Secondary School, which has male and female pupils aged between 10 and 14.
The government has blamed Ambazonia fighters while the latter have denied responsibility.
The school is however, yet to account for the whereabout of 82 persons, after a viral video emerged showing just 11 students in captivity.
The whereabout and exact number of abductees are still unknown.

The chairman of the Social Democratic Front party, Ni John Fru Ndi is due to visit the PSS college today to take stock of the situation.
Ni John Fru Ndi had in a previous outing said « bandits » posing and Amba fighters are in the region, terrorising the population and urged government to tackle the anglophone crisis, before the situation gets out of hand.

In an order today November 6th, signed by the governor of the North West region, movement s of vehicles from one sub division to another in Mezam has been prohibited till further notice.
Bamenda 1, 2 and 3 have been exempted from the ban.
Governor Adolphe Lele L’Afrique said it is to tackle rising insecurity.

Water crisis hits Buea, locals have to cover long distances to get the precious liquid.
Denizens of Buea now have to travel to fetch water from the main water source SNEC opposite BHS Buea. The deplorable situation is compounded with fear as gun shots are sporadic. It is unknown when the situation will be addressed.

Trade unions in Nigeria have suspended a general strike planned to take place on Tuesday.
They say they have reached a last-minute agreement over the national minimum wage.
The Nigerian Labour Congress said a committee set up with the government was recommending a new monthly minimum wage of 30,000 naira.

Chad’s former minister of foreign affairs, who became an opponent of President Idriss Déby’s government, has returned to the nation after 25 years in exile.
Acheikh Ibn Oumar decided to come home after an announcement of a general amnesty in Chad. He had been living in Libya then France.

Africa is facing a looming debt crisis, say leading development economists.
« Almost 40% of sub-Saharan African countries are in danger of slipping into a major debt crisis » according to the Overseas Development Institute, ahead of a major conference on debt being held in London this week.
And the relationship between African nations and China is often seen as a significant part of the problem.

Ethiopian President, women appointees start nationwide peace drive. Ethiopian President Sahle-Work Zewde was joined by top female government appointees to launch a nationwide peace campaign. The crux of the Ethiopian women’s peace conference A, d’Jegnit » (heroine) social movement program, being to play crucial roles towards the success of the ongoing reforms by the Abiy Ahmed government.

Angola have won the 2018 Amputee Football World Cup in Mexico, beating Turkey 5-4 in a penalty shoot-out in Sunday’s final.
The match ended 0-0 after normal time, and the deadlock could not be broken in extra-time.
The deciding shoot-out proved just as tense with both teams scoring from their first four penalties.
At 4-4, Angola’s goalkeeper, Jesus, made a crucial save to deny Turkey.
The African team, who finished as runners-up at the last World Cup, sealed their championship victory thanks to a winning spot-kick from Henio Guilerme.

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