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Scorched-Earth Policy Extended To Bali Nyonga

Bali Nyonga, a village in Cameroon’s North West Region has become a battle ground between pro independence fighters and security forces.

The scorched-earth policy implemented in some villages in the South West Region like Kwa-kwa, and Munyenge has been extended to Bali.

It was on Monday, November 19 that some unidentified gun men opened fire at the military at the Ntanfoang Square in Bali.

After an hour of sustained shooting, the attackers ran into the main street leading to the Presbyterian Handicraft Center.

Like a hunter who wants to smoke a mole from its hole of harbour, the military reportedly set the entire street ablaze to smoke out the purpoted amba boys.

Other quarters like Sang and Boh Etoma also witnessed this strategy of burning down buildings by both sides in the war.

The « Ndikang Tung » that used to serve as a symbol of hereditary is now risky and anyone in possession of it is considered a ‘terrorist’.

Many have fled the village – both young and old – and Bali is in total chaos. Any body found in the confines of his compound is suspected of being a terrorist and is treated as such, a source recounted to MMI.

Eyewitness told MMI that even the grandstand at the heart of the town was set ablaze, purportedly by pro independence fighters.
Other sources, said casualties were recorded on both sides and the tense atmosphere lingers on.

It’s worth noting that this strategy has displaced many to neighbouring countries, some internally displaced and others who had nowhere to run to are forced to enter the bushes.

Bali town is alomost locked down, businesses paralysed amid general atmosphere of fear.

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