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UB Students Decry Uncertainty Atmosphere On Campus Amidst Increased Kidnappings

Students of the University of Buea (UB), are decrying the uncertainties situation looking on campus amidst a series of Kidnappings, especially lecturers.

In an exclusive interview with Mimi Mefo Info, a number of these students say though they show great interest in studying for a better future, the continues kidnapping of their lecturers pose so much risk on them.
« I can confess to you that even as I am coming to school like this, my security is very much a stake. If those kidnappers can take away our lecturers, then it could still be us.It is even difficult to tell who they are. We donot feel secured at all. I am pleading with those carrying out the Kidnappings to spare us sometime so we can study, » Foy Esther, a final year student said.

The students added that due to the insecurity that rages on, lectures have been perturbed given that lecturers fear kidnapping.

« We no longer have lectures from 5 to 7, as we used to have. Our lecturers tell us they cannot make it at that time for fear of being kidnapped. Even some lectures during the day, don’t even come, » Jules Nana, a level 300 student asserted.
Meanwhile, the Vice Chancellor if the UB, Horace Manga, has urged students and lecturers leaving hot zones, to relocate to safer areas, for security reasons. In a communiqué signed recently, the VC indicated that the atmosphere now becoming so tense such that personal security matters most. He also assured the students and lecturers that irrespective of the threats they get, the University will continue dishing out the best of education.
It should be noted that the University of Buea, recently admitted over 5,000 students into its undergraduate programmes. The ceremony to matriculate the students, took place on Saturday November 17, 2018.
The university also plans to send off its 20th batch of students in the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programmes, come December 2018.

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