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South West Governor, UN Disagree Over Humanitarian Coordination In SW

By: Yanick Fonki Ndaley

It was a heated debate that ensued at the conference room of the Governor of the Southwest Region.

Representatives of different Humanitarian Organisations, affiliated to the United Nations, operating in the Southwest Region, wrestled with Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai, on the issue of government’s intention to coordinate their activities.

The meeting convened by the Governor to reveal the practical modalities on the execution of humanitarian activities in the region.

The Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai, told the Humanitarian Organisations, that, henceforth, they will seek authorisation from the competent supervisory authority, before carrying out any humanitarian action. To him, the information will help the government ensure the security of the officials.

« From the instructions of the Prime Minister, all organisations carrying out humanitarian activities in the Southwest Region, will seek the authorisation of the competent supervisory authority, of the area they want to operate. We are strict on this because, the government has the prerogative to secure everyone, especially. So, getting this authorisation, will ensure us provide appropriate security to you and your collaborators, » Governor Okalia said.

The Governor equally told the UN representatives that all donations intended for the humanitarian victims, must be registered in the government database.
To him, the place, date, and how distribution will be done, must be known by the government.

On their part, the representatives of the Humanitarian Organisations, told the Governor that it is against their policy for government to have direct interference on their activities.

The UN representatives said it will be unwise for the government to accompany their activities, given that they are supposed to be apathy to all warring factions.

The UN representatives, told the governor and his collaborators that they will abide to all the laws and governance policies of the Republic.

However, they added that, all these, will fall under the strict complement of the UN charter on the distribution of Humanitarian aids.

The meeting that was marked by unusual Praise and Worship songs from the governor’s collaborators, ended with all the attendees, agreeing to the fact that there’s an urgent need to provide humanitarian assistance to victims of the restive Anglophone crisis, in the Southwest Region.

They all agreed to find a common ground, to work in collaboration.

By: Yanick Fonki Ndaley

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