AGC Convenors Crave For Inclusive Participation

Organisers of the Anglophone General Conference (AGC), have expressed their desire to organise a broad-based meeting, that captures that opinions and thoughts of the generality of Anglophones.

In a letter dated November 25, 2018 and signed by Chairperson, Christian Cardinal Tumi, the organisers indicated that they shall use all avenues necessary to reach out to Anglophones who have a burning desire to see the end to the crisis plaguing the two regions.

“… we the convenors, thought it wise to device a mean to capitalise on the opportunity provided by the postponement, to not only better prepare, but to also make you have a greater say. The convenors are therefore using this occasion to send you three questions, which you can respond through electronic means via our Facebook page, or through classic methods,” the letter read in part.

Going by the questions, the convenors posited to Anglophones, the opportunity to express themselves through popular queries that have been opined all along the crisis.

“1. What are the causes of the socio-political and economic problems that we are living or experiencing today in the two Anglophone regions?
2.In your opinion, what form of government can best solve these problems: A) Is it through federation? B) Is it through the present unitary decentralised state?
3. Given the ongoing and the moral behaviours of some of the actors, will it not be advisable for moral philosophy (ethic) to be introduced in the educational system of the country?” the questions raised.

The convenors extended an olive branch, by indicating that in case people’s queries were not captured in the mentioned questions, they can always reach out to them (convenors), with their respective thoughts.

It should be noted that, the AGC, suffered two postponements in under four months. The conference that was initially scheduled for August, 2018, was later pushed November, 2018, a date that never was taken.

Going by the letter, it is clear that the convenors are still accessing the situation on ground, so as to hold the AGC, in the nearest possible future.

By: Yanick FONKI

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