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Anglophones Rubbish Biya’s Youth Day Message -Say He Can’t Be Addressing The Same Youth He’s Earmarked For Neutralisation

Denizens of the Northwest and Southwest Region, have disparaged President Paul Biya’s 36th Youth Day Message delivered this Sunday, February 10, 2019.

In a random sampling of opinions from the population of the restive English-Speaking Regions, many slammed the Head of State, for not being concerned over the plights of the Anglophones and other boiling situations of the Nation.

“Majority of those killed in the Northwest and Southwest Regions are youths. Youths continue to be wasted on daily basis, all because of this senseless war. Yet, the Head of State didn’t even deem it necessary to comment on it, at least, to even comfort the afflicted,” lamented, Mr Samah Abang, a Social Commentator in Buea.

The population decried the lacklustre attitude exhibited by the Commander-in-Chief, amidst the decaying situation in the country.
“How can he be talking about jobs, and morality, when many keep on dying on daily basis? Is employment greater than life? Why is our President so lukewarm to the plights of Anglophones? Are we not Cameroonians? Indeed, this government gives us thousands of reasons to believe in those calling on secession; otherwise, we would have been relegated in the background as such. It’s a show of shame!” bemoaned Esther Nchang, a concerned Anglophone in Mankon, Bamenda.

Others qualified the 10-days luck-down currently being experienced in the Two English-Speaking Regions, as a necessary evil, given that it will whip international sympathy to the plights of the marginalised Anglophone Minority.

“With the attitude showcased by the Head of State, I now strongly believe that the 10-days lock-down we are presently experiencing, is a necessary evil for our course. If the President and his government cannot emancipate us from this physio-mental slavery we are currently experiencing, then let’s seek international sympathy over our predicaments,” posited Revivalist E.J. Israel Ayuk, a concerned Manyu Youth and Man of God.

Highlights of the President’s February 10 Speech include; Job creation, moralisation of Social Media Excesses, Advice for Youths to Seek More Political Positions, resume of government’s achievements to the youths, amongst others.

By Yanick Fonki

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