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Trial Of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe And Co Suffers Another Adjournment – Presence Of Fru Ndi Causes Commotion.

The trial of Ayuk Tabe Julius Sisiku and Co has been adjourned to the 29th of March 2019.

The time is to permit the new judge appointed this week Lt. Col. Jacques Boudoin Misse Njone to constitute a new team that will re start the trial.

The chairman of the Social Democratic Front Ni John Fru Ndi was in court today. He was at the centre of attraction as it was his first appearance at the military court since the trial of the Ambazonian leaders began.
He is expected to visit the detainees in the days ahead.
Ayuk Tabe Sesiku Julius and nine others refused to leave the court room when forces of law and order attempted to stop friends and relatives from greeting them. the request of the detainees was later granted.

The Intrigues:
Colonel Mem Michel, the presiding judge of the case of Ayuk Tabe Julius and Co was transferred to Buea Military court this week.

Lawyers explain that this automatically means he cannot longer handle cases in Yaounde.
Defending lawyers of Ayuk Tabe and Co have accused the court of partiality.

They argue that given the delicate nature of the trial Col. Mem was not to be transferred at this point in time.
According to bar. Ndong Christopher one of the lawyers of the detainees the transfer of the presiding judge is a calculated attempt to delay the verdict of their clients.

The lawyers they will only present the verdict of Abuja High Court that demanded the re extradition of the detainees during the next court case on the 29th of March.

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