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North West Region: Timid Women’s Day Celebration, Military And Para Military Women Braved The Odds .

The streets of Bamenda remained deserted Friday March 8th 2019 .

Most of the women either by personal conviction of the worthlessness of celebrating international women’s day this year or compelled to respect a ghost town imposed by pro independence fighters, and had to stay in their houses.

The rather timid celebration marked by march past activities at the commercial Avenue, saw the presence and participation of mostly military and para military women’s groups that braved the odds to take part in the 34th edition of the international women’s day.

March past at the commercial avenue lasted just for a few minutes in the presence of heavily armed military men. Adolph Lele L’Afrigue governor of the north west called on women to tell their children who have become amba fighters to return to normal life.
Women on their part said they are tired of bloodshed in the region and want an end to the anglophone crisis.

In kumbo, Bui Division situated kilometres from Bamenda, residents attested having heard sounds of gunshots during the greater part of March 8th. They say shootings took place around Saint Peters, squares and Bamkikaay village. This scared most women from steping out of their homes to celebrate women’s day.

A similar scenario unfolded in Nkambe, Donga Mantung Division where Ambazonian fighters had earlier issued a special warning for people to stay in the houses.

Given that 11 February celebration was a success in the town, amba boys have been very critical on the activities of people in the town, which they qualify as pro government.

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