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Mile 4 Bonadikombo Limbe: Women Protest Over Water Crisis.

Women have staged a protest march demanding for the re-establishment of potable water.

They complain that for Over two months now, water has not been flowing in their taps despite having contributed 2000f for each room for necessary repair works by the Chairman of the water management committee.

Peter Wututu and his boys plus the quarter head are believed to have embezzled the money.
Another source in Mile 4 Limbe has hinted Mimi Mefo Info that money contributed for the provision of water was instead diverted for the security of the community.

To this source, those who collected the money claimed they handed it to the Ambazonian fighters. But the fighters have refused haven collected the money. The Amba boys have therefore accused the mile 4 water management project team of embezzling twenty one million francs cfa.

In the state of accusation and counter accusation between the Ambazonian Fighters and the water management team, the population continues to live without potable water.

Some inhabitants have been blaming Cameroon Water Utility corporation (CAMWATER) in charge of distribution water for not shouldering its responsibility.
They explain how they have been fetching water from doubtful sources for drinking and other house hood chores.

A similar water crisis is being experienced in some quarters like New Lay out and Great Soppo in Buea still in the South West region of Cameroon.

Inhabitants here say the last time they harvested water from their taps was in December 2018.
Mile 4 Limbe has of recent been a battle ground between the angloghone militiamen called the ambazonia.

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