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First Parliamentary Session Opens Tuesday March 12 – Stakes.

After three months of recess, law makers of the Senate and National Assembly in Cameroon start deliberations on burning issues affecting Cameroon.

Cameroon faces internal and external pressure over the three years old socio political crisis in the North West and South West Regions and the detention of over one hundred and fifty militants of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Party (CRM).

These two burning issues have attracted the reactions of other countries like the United States of America and equally international organization like the European Union, that are demanding the release of all political detainees and the start of sincere dialogue to put an end to the deepening armed conflict.

How will the National Assembly and the Senate react to such pressure and comments on Cameroon’s poor handling of the socio political crisis?

These houses with an overwhelming majority of militants from the Cameroon People Democratic Movement- CPDM, has prompted political commentators to say, majority of members of both houses will surely support an earlier outing of the minister of Communication by condemning external pressure on the handling of the country’s internal affairs.

Being the first parliamentary session for the year 2019, the oldest law maker at the Senate and the National Assembly will have the responsibility to address their respective houses during the opening sessions.

Hon. Enoh Tanjong and Senator Victor Essimi Ngoh Mukete (all Anglophones) are expected to correct what some have termed errors on how to address burning issues of the Anglophone crisis.

Will they have the courage to table a private member bill on the issues that have claimed thousands of life, displaced hundreds of thousands of people and causing enormous material destructions?.

Parliamentarians and Senators will have to elect new executive members for the respective houses.

This, commentators say there is no suspense arguing that the CPDM dominated statuesquo at the helm of the Senate and the National Assembly will surely be maintained with little window dressing changes.

By Dominic Meme Nwakimo.

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