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Parliamentary Session Opens : Deans Of The Two Houses Say Nothing New.

2019 Legislative year has opened in Cameroon with the start of the March session of the parliament.

In respect to the standing orders of the National Assembly and the Senate, the oldest Member of Parliament and Senator respectively presides over activities before the election of the new executives.

At the National Assembly, the oldest Member of Parliament attests the house’s strong commitment to continue collaboration with the government to resolve the Anglophone crisis.

Hon. Enoh Tandjong declared that Ambazonia Separatist Fighters have been committing grievous crimes in the process of trying to carve out the state of the Ambazonia.

Hon. Enoh condemned the burning of Kumba District hospital recently.
To him, of no reason should medical facilities be attacked even in a crisis situation as that which Cameroon find itself today.

Following recent criticism of government’s handling of the Anglophone crisis by the US and the United Nations, Hon. Enoh Tandjong condemned what he described as the ‘hypocrisy of the international community’ in commenting on what is happening in Cameroon.

He applauded what government has been doing so far to resolve the crisis while challenging world bodies to contribute in the process of peace in Cameroon.

Away from the Anglophone crisis, the oldest MP saluted government’s drive to recover stolen state money and properties from former members of government.

Without condemning the fact that ex members of government are thrown to jail yet no money is recovered, Hon. Thinks the move is good to deter embezzlement in Cameroon.

At the senate, Senator Nfon Victor Mukete, oldest senator expressed hope in resolving the crisis with the reinforcement of the process of decentralization.

In the presence of Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute, the oldest senator in Cameroon expressed hope that the eminent organization of regional elections will boast the process of decentralization.

Just as his colleague at the national assembly, Senator Mukete condemned the terror in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon while criticizing those he thinks are holding arms illegally against the state of Cameroon.

Opposition Law Makers react:
Pronouncements from the oldest members of parliament during the opening of the session March 12th 2019, have been condemned by their colleagues of opposition parties.
According to Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), government has done nothing worth applauding in the process of resolving the crisis.

To the people’s representative from Momo Division, the fact that bloodshed is still the order of the day is a clear testimony of government’s failure so far.

To Hon. Patricia Ndam Njoya of the Cameroon Democratic Union CDU, decentralization has shown its limits in Cameroon for over twenty years.

She expressed regrets that government has not been serious in enforcing decentralization as real power still resides in Yaounde.

Commentators are waiting to see if in the days and weeks that follow real discussion can take place at the national assembly and the senate to resolve the crisis.

Dominic Meme Nwakimo.

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