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Anglophone Crisis: ‘A day no one is killed is strange’– Cardinal Tumi.

“As we drove from Bamenda to Kumbo, we saw two or three corpses along the road. In Kumbo, residents told me eight people were killed that day adding that the military and Ambazonia fighters kill people on daily bases».
Christian Cardinal Tumi explains in a low voice filled with grieve and agony after visiting his homeland kumbo, Bui Division, North West Region of Cameroon.

To the Cardinal, what was before now considered abnormal is now normal unfortunately. The military and those fighting for the restoration of Ambazonian statehood have been reigning terror on the local population, he said.

Visiting Bui Division with a prime intention to celebrate Sunday mass with catholic Christians in his native Kikaikilaiki village, the Cardinal saw his dream shattered:
“…I could not go to Kikaikilaiki to celebrate mass and pray with the people. Ambazonia fighters ordered that on Sunday March 17 2019 they do not want to see any vehicle in the village including that of the Cardinal. So I had to remain in Kumbo against my wish”
Questioned on how he think the crisis can come to an end, called on both warring factions to lay their arms. “…dialogue in times of war is not an option but an obligation”.

While criticizing the military on their wrong doing, Cardinal Tumi described amba boys and separatist leaders in the Diasporas as people that have “No intellectual openness”.

He explained that they do not accommodate different opinions apart from what they have as concerns the struggle. While quoting the threats by Amba boys to kill Dr. Simon Munzu for involving himself in the process of negotiating peace, the Cardinal called for a change of mentality for peace.

The respectable personality in Cameroon stated firmly that whatever will be the outcome of the Anglophone crisis, it will spring from a dialogue table.

The Anglophone General Conference on Course:
The organization of Anglophone General Conference (AGC) is under preparation despite several delays.
Without mentioning if conveners of the AGC have finally secured an authorization from the government of Cameroon to hold the conference, Cardinal Tumi is optimistic that the move towards peace will take place.

To the Cardinal, a meeting of conveners to hold on the 23th of March will set the date and venue of the Anglophone General Conference AGC.

The Cardinal assured that intense consultations have been carried out with Anglophones in the Diaspora with the team to present their report of the tour on the 23rd of March.

Anglophone General Conference is organized by religious leaders with Cardinal Tumi as a leader.

Dominic Meme Nwakimo.
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