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Former Mayor Of Santa: Four Months Of Illegal Detention Without Any Charge.

Akondi Samson has collapse several times at the judicial police in Yaounde where he has been detained since the 13th of January 2019.

The former deputy Mayor of Santa council in the North West region of Cameroon is slowly but surely losing his sight.

The frontline militant of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), a leading opposition political party in Cameroon has been denied access to treatment.

The family of Akondi Samson has been restless and traumatized since the 8th of November 2018 when the civil engineer and human right activist was “kidnapped” by security men in Douala.

According to one of his sons Nkeh Rawlings, “… the poor health of our father has been reported on several media outlets in Cameroon with some that hastily reported his death the last time he collapsed in his cell at the judicial police in Yaounde. His detention has greatly affected the family”.

While in detention, Akondi Samson’s human right organization called Women Initiative Cooperative Organization (WIDCO) was arbitrary searched by police men who made away with valuable electronic storage devices like computers, CDs and other documents.

Noticing that due legal process was not followed before the search, a family source says ‘illegal’ warrants were then issued first by the senior prosecutor of the Douala military tribunal and later by the SDO of Wouri and then by the governor of the littoral.

In a visit to the former deputy mayor of Santa at the judicial police in Yaounde, the chairman of the Social Democratic Front questioned why Akondi Samson is under detention for four months without a charge. Responding to Ni John Fru Ndi, the assistant director of the judicial police stated the delegate General of National security is the only competent authority to answer such a question. He therefore advised Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi to write to the delegate general.

An answer the leader of the SDF leader and his delegation waved aside leaving the premises in anger and total disappointment over the illegal arrest and detention.

Arrest and Detention:
What will later turnout to be a four months (and still counting) ‘illegal’ detention of Akondi Sampson, former deputy mayor of Santa council, started on the 8th of November 2018 when he was summarily taken by disguised security men around bekoko junction in Douala while on his way to the south west.

The human right activist was then detained at the administrative and political police service known in French as Surveillance de territoire in Douala for two months without any charge.

The prolonged detention urged the defending lawyer to file a case. Bar Fru John Nsoh filed a habeas Corpus application at the Wouri High Court.

Upon getting the news, government then whisked Akondi Samson to Yaounde where he is detained at the moment.
In Yaounde, Barristers Amungwa Tanyi Nicodemus and Fru John Nsoh have been doing everything possible to get him release or get the matter to court to no avail.
The last time the former (Barrister Amungwa Tanyi Nicodemus) visited his client, he was arrested and only released hours after.


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