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Human Rights Commission SaysThey Can Solve Anglophone Crisis If Biya Approves

In an open letter addressed to President Paul Biya, the Chairman of the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms says it wants to produce an affective and lasting solution to the Anglophone crisis if President Biya gives then the go-ahead.
Acknowledging that human right concerns have significantly increased in the war in the North West and South West regions, Dr Chemuta Divine Banda expressed frustration that people are beginning to doubt their willingness to cooperate to end the crisis.

They in their letter dated March 22, 2019, demand the permission and support of President Biya to resolve the crisis.

The Commission led by Dr Chemuta Divine Banda regretted in their open letter that previous recommendations sent to Paul Biya on how to resolve the deepening crisis, have not received any favourable response.

Citing four different preoccupying reports they sent to Paul Biya, and which have not received any direct reaction from Mr President. The NCHRF wrote to Paul Biya on the 9th February 2017 following their observation and investigation mission to the North West and South West regions.

They presented their contributions to a way out of the crisis in the North West and south west regions to him on 18/06/2018, addressed another message to him through MINDEF and MINTAT-SG/PR on 14/01/2019 which all didn’t receive any direct response going by this latest outing.

The last letter to Biya was addressed on the 18/02/2019 concerning the deteriorating Socio-political and security situation in Cameroon and the consequences on the fundamental rights of the population.

Boasting of its strength and tact to champion a possible return to normalcy in the two English speaking regions, the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms NCHRF, explains the role it played in the safe release of the 20 students kidnapped from the University of Buea.
The students, according to the NCHRF were released thanks to the mediation of its South West Regional Secretary, Christopher Tiku Tambe.

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