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Canal 2 International: Workers at the verge of a strike over salary cuts.

The news broke out as a bombshell at Canal 2 International Television central newsroom Wednesday March 27th 2019. “..Management has slashed salaries of all workers by 30%”
The information came as a surprise as no earlier notification had been communicated to the workers of such an action. No official notice but workers only came face to face with the reality at the bank.
“I was told they are paying salary. I arrived the bank just to be informed that salaries have been reduced by 30%. I stood at the counter perplexed and confused. I had to take the little money .I have no Morales to work today” A video editor technician of the private TV house told Mimi Mefo Info.

In anonymity, a journalist attest having received a message from the bank asking him to repay sixty five thousands francs for this month. Given that Canal 2 has not paid her workers for two months, the bank has slashed money for ‘back to school loan’ he received in the month of September 2018 plus the 30% reduction. This means the journalist now has a deficit of 65000f.

In small groups of three, four or five, workers of Group TV + situated in Akwa, kotto and Bonapriso neighborhoods in Douala (Canal 2 International, Canal 2English and Sweet FM ) have been discussing what they describe as ‘a cruel and inhuman decision’ by top management of the media house.

At the television house, a list has been circulating for all the workers to sign a petition standing against the 30% salary cut to be presented to the Company Executive Officer (CEO).
They have promised to start a strike action if nothing is done to redress the situation at hand.
More than 60% of workers in the media house are repaying ‘school fees loans’ taken from banks.

The Origin:
The rumor started months ago. Inner circles of the management have hinted that it’s the sole decision of the General Manager of Group TV + Emmanuel Chatue . He says there are workers in the company that earn huge sums that have been draining the financial strength of the house without corresponding income.

Salaries at Canal 2 International range from 50.000f to one million francs cfa. With no reason to deduct those who earn more, the GM has opted to reduce the salary of all the workers.

Decision makers of the media house have told MMI that management signed some contracts with some journalists amounting to huge salaries of eight hundred thousands, nine hundred and even one million francs cfa. Noticing that the journalists have least delivered what is expected of them and they can’t dismiss them for fear of paying indemnities, they have opted to reduce the salary of all workers.

Mimi Mefo Info

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