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Ambazonian Leaders backed Anglophone General Conference – Elie Smith

Postponed indefinitely last year for failure to obtain due authorization from the government of Cameroon, Conveners of the Anglophone General Conference AGC say they have used the delay to carry out intense sensitization in and out of Cameroon.

Elie Smith, Coordinator, Secretary General and official Spokesman of AGC has told Mimi Mefo Infos that leaders of the Ambazonian Movement in the diaspora are for the organization of Anglophone general Conference.

After meeting separatist leaders in America and other European countries, Elie Smith says the ball now lies in the court of the Cameroon government to issue an authorization and a security guarantee for the conference to hold.

Conveners of AGC think the forum will permit Anglophones to decide the form of state that will best respect their culture and other historical heritage.

By this, the spokesperson of the AGC distanced AGC conveners from allegations that they are having federalist tendencies.
He adds that the main convener, Christian Cardinal Tumi is committed in maintaining the neutrality of the conference that will provide a broad base representation of all classes of people from the thirteen divisions that make up the North West and the South West regions.

The venue for the conference and the date is not known but the spokesperson said Anglophone General Conference will hold in the Anglophone region.
On the issue of the posting of conflicting ideas about the struggle for the restoration of ambazonia statehood on the social media by separatist leaders in the diaspora, Elie Smith thinks the leaders are united and will support any genuine effort that will stop the killings, kidnappings, destructions and displacement of people in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon.

Elie Smith wave aside critics who think with the real leaders of the struggle at the Kondengui prison AGC will be useless. He is optimistic that profitable discussion can still take place with other leaders of the struggle.

Questioned on the putting in place of a North West Peace Movement by top militants of the Cameroon People Democratic Movement- CPDM, the coordinator of the Anglophone General Conference challenged the parliamentarians at the forefront of the peace movement to use the platform provided to them by the people to present the issue at the national assembly and the senate.

Elie Smith denies allegations that he has been bought over by the Yaounde regime to participate in the organization of the AGC.
To the senior journalist, he is still very vocal and critical of the regime of Paul.
He however added that, while working for the process of peace, there are certain things he is not permitted to write to the public.

Dominic Meme Nwakimo
Mimi Mefo Info

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