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Longue Longue Pays The Price, For Recognizing Kamto As President – He Was Arrested Today

Simon Longkana Ango popularly known as Longue Longue has been arrested and detained at the Bonanjo judicial police station in Douala.
A source told Mimi Mefo Infos that the Makossa icon arrested while in Sawa Hotel; a luxurious hotel in Cameroon’s economic capital Douala.

According to our source “…Longue Longue parked his vehicle, entered the hotel and fifteen minutes after a police van arrived the premises and demanded him to get into the van”.

No official reason has been stated for the arrest of the Douala based popular musician noted for his outspoken and criticisms against governance and societal ills.

Simon Longkana fondly called Longue Longue has of recent on his facebook page, published a video message criticizing the continues arrests of militants of opposition party by the regime of president Paul Biya.

In the recent video, Longue Longue questioned the victory of president Paul Biya in the 2018 presidential elections in Cameroon. To the musician,Prof. Maurice Kamto leader of an opposition political party the Cameroon Renaissance Movement won the election but the victory was stolen by Mr.Biya in complicity with the constitutional council in Cameroon.

He accused the ruling elites(members of government) in Cameroon for amassing wealth for themselves at the detriment of local population. For him, over twenty former members of government detained at the kondengui prison have embezzled huge sums of money that will have been used to provide basic necessities to Cameroonians.

During the 2018 presidential elections campaign, longue longue actively campaigned for Candidate Akere Muna, an opposition candidate.
Longue Longue’s arrest brings the number to two musicians arrested since the beginning of this year.

Earlier in January, a rap musician Gaston Abe well known as Valsero was arrested alongside top leaders of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party.
Musicians have maintained sealed lips, prompting critics to question the level of solidarity in the Music Industry in Cameroon.

Dominic Meme Nwakimo
Mimi Mefo Info

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