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Boy Kills Nephew In Santa

Ntoh is a quarter in Santa village, Santa subdivision, Mezam Division of the North West Region. It is in the farmlands in this locality that the remains of 19 years old Mfonmeteh Neville was recovered Friday April 5, 2019.
As the story goes, Neville was reported missing on Saturday March 30, 2019.
According to his friends, he was last seen on Friday March 29, 2019 along the road leading to the farmlands.
From March 29 to April 4, 2019, villagers took turns into the farmlands in search for Neville to no avail.
“I thought he had been kidnapped and we were just waiting for whoever kidnapped him to call us,” a family member told Mimi Mefo Info.
Investigations were opened while the search continued.
The results revealed that Neville’s nephew, 21-years-old Ngam Kennedy Ntamu was the last person who called him. “When we called the suspect, he told us he was in Bamenda and that we should wait at Mile 1 Up-Station. We waited and he never came. We couldn’t reach him as his phone was not going through,” Akam Eric Achu, Family Head told MMI.
“We continued our search until Thursday April 4 when I was called and told that there was some clue as to where Neville could be found. I was told the brother, the prime suspect had revealed to the family at about 6:00pm that he had a dream and in his dream, the whereabout of Neville was shown to him”.
He said “in my dream it was revealed that Neville’s body is laying under plantain suckers in the farmland and that other plantain suckers around have been cut” on getting this, youths of the village took his description and at about midnight the body of Neville was found like his Nephew (who dreamt) had described. The angry youths pounced on him and he said the grandmother told him to tell them that it was a dream that he never dreamt.
“We met the body of Neville naked with cuts on his back, and head. His head was tied with his clothes and he was placed under plantain leaves and suckers facing down. We also saw some clothes that belonged to Ngam Kennedy Ntamu. We are surprised and shocked at why a brother will take the life of the other,” the Family Head told MMI.

All attempts to get the said Ngam Kennedy Ntamu were futile. He had escaped to an unknown destination. The search intensified and he was picked up at his relative’s house in Loum in the Littoral Region.

Locals say this is the first time they are witnessing such an incident in the village. They are determined to fish out all those linked to the dead of Neville.
The late Neville was the only child to his late parents.

Mbuh Stella
Mimi Mefo Info

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