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Implement regional autonomy; solve the Crisis- Senator Nfon V.E. Mukete

The foundation of Cameroon’s reunification has been damaged with the systematic relegation of the English language as an inferior language in Cameroon.

Senator Nfon Victor Mukete in a plenary session at the Senate Friday April 5th lamented over what he terms as the marginalization of Anglophones in Cameroon through a system to eliminate English language seen as the root cause of the crisis today.

“The reunification of this country places the two official languages at an equal scale but some people because of money want to kill the English language. That was the beginning of trouble. This has caused some people to pick up arms and defend the English culture” Senator Nfon Mukete stated while furiously swinging his walking stick in the air on the podium at the senate.

In a visibly speech that shows frustration, anger and total dismay of the system, the oldest senator in Cameroon laments “…I am talking with tears, I am over a hundred years old. I love this country and I fought for the reunification of this country. Let us demonstrate honesty, integrity and justice for the good of this country”.

The paramount leader of the Bafaw community in the South West region of Cameroon calls for the full and total implementation of decentralization in Cameroon. To Senator Mukete, each region should have full powers to handle the daily needs of the people through a broad base decentralization that gives room to create wealth.
“The region should be able to provide water, electricity, built roads and provide other social services to people of the region”.

In the presence of the minister of decentralization and local development George Elanga Obam, the fearless senator brandished his age and immense contribution for the reunification of Cameroon as enough reasons for the executive arm of government to take his advice and solve the socio political tension that have been claiming lives of innocent people, ambazonia fighters and the military on daily bases.

The Outburst of an elder
Senator Nfon Victor Mukete at the age of 100 years is serving his second mandate at the senate in Cameroon. The stern speech from the frontline militant of the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement – CPDM Party has taken many by surprise. In the past six years, that is, since the introduction of the Senate in 2013, analysts say Senator Nfon Mukete has squandered several opportunities in his capacity as the oldest senator to denounce poor governance in Cameroon and the handling of the crisis by the regime of Paul Biya.
Many critics have tagged him has one of the holiest disciple of CPDM party discipline. His public disagreement with government’s sluggishness in the implementation of full scale decentralization meets the aspiration of some persons.
The state man originates from Meme Division in the south west region of Cameroon, one of the strongholds of separatist activities in the two Anglophone regions of the country. By this, it’s evident that the senator is overwhelmed by the daily killings, destructions, rape, and violation of human rights that is undermining the very existence of a human being in the regions.

Book makers have noted that beside the landmark speech of Hon. Wirba Joseph of Jakiri constituency Bui Division in the North West region of Cameroon on the Anglophone crisis in the national assembly, Senator Mukete seems to have listened to the cry of the people.

But how timely is this, pro separation activists think, the situation has gotten out of hand with separation not effective decentralization as stated Senator Mukete is left as an option.

Dominic Meme Nwakimo
Mimi Mefo Info

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