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The Mayabel’s Movement: A Hope For IDPs -The NGO recruits volunteers, trains them on how to be self reliant

The told and untold stories of hardship, suffering of the over Four hundred and thirty-seven (437 000) UNHCR, people internally displaced by the Anglophone crisis continue to preoccupy individuals of conscience and good will.
The most affected category of people being women especially those between the ages of 15 and 29, forcefully sent away from homes with their bread winners killed or displaced, deprived of the possibility to acquire skills, the young woman have not only lost self esteem, but also lost hope.

In Buea, Bamenda and other cities, thousands of these young female IDPs live in dehumanizing and precarious conditions despite frantic efforts from NGOs like The Mayabels Movement to offer some income generating skills and hope to them.

Founded in 2017, The Mayabel’s Movement has been the only reason to smile for hundreds under this vulnerable category in Buea and across the crisis ravaged English speaking regions.
With very limited resources, The Mayabel’s Movement empower these woman with skills to sew, weave, cater and farm inorder to generate income and even compliment with life skills and awareness raising workshops on children and women’s rights, reproductive health and other remunerated activities.

The Mayabels Movement, created to boast self esteem of the girl child most of who’s esteem has been shattered by the atrocities of the anglophone crisis, plans to offer holistic life skills training to enable trainees make informed choices at the end of the training.
As the crisis depends further and the number of internally displaced woman swells, The Mayabel’s Movement is requesting individual, group support and donors to accompany them in order to do more, give due hope to sisters in need, IDS and inmates.

The Mayabel’s Movement is based in Buea South West region of Cameroon.

How to contact Mayabel’s Movement:
Campaign Street Four Buea, SWR
Tel:+237675329276 or +237678548930

E-mail: mayabelsmovement@gmail.com

Website: mayabelsmovement.org

Published By: Mimi Mefo Info

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